Theatre Weeks and Workshops

Theatre Weeks and Workshops
Join us this Summer for our Musical Theatre Workshops and Theatre Weeks!

More details on Summer 2024 Workshops COMING SOON!

Theatre Weeks –  6-13 year olds

Over the course of a fun-packed week, your child will work with a small group to help create & take part in a dazzling production they’ll be proud of. From learning songs & dance routines and rehearsing their scenes, through to the excitement of props, costumes & lighting, and putting on the show in front of an audience on the final day, they’ll not only learn new acting & vocal skills, but they’ll make lots of new friends & learn crucial team building skills along the way!

Workshop Days!

Our workshop days are a blast of fun and each has a set theme. We provide children and young people with the experience of a theatre week in just one day! A day full of acting, singing, dancing, games, learning performance skills, confidence building, team building, meeting new friends and endless fun. We have workshops available for all ages!