School Parnerships

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School Parnerships


At Little Voices Preston we have the privilege of working with a number of schools in the local area, delivering LAMDA during or after the school day to pupils, or running Before or After School Performing Arts Clubs. We also run bespoke Workshops for schools which compliment the curriculum or enhance specific key life skills, such as confidence, social skills or a positive mindset.

Our SEN School Partnership has been running for some time and has been extremely rewarding for pupils and tutors. Working with children who are both verbal and non verbal communicators and bringing music, singing and drama to the classroom has shown progress in areas that may not have been expected. These high energy, fun, imaginative lessons have gained fabulous reviews from Head Teachers across Lancashire and we cannot wait to continue this work in other schools over the next few months.


At Little Voices we:

  • Deliver bespoke workshops tailor made to your syllabus
  • Provide LAMDA training during the school day helping pupils gain qualifications from a young age
  • Teach Before and After School Clubs
  • Assist your teachers with School Plays, nativities and assemblies.
  • Help you tick those important OFSTED boxes and can help you apply for the Arts Mark.
  • Most of all we help your pupils become confident communicators, gaining valuable like skills and performance skills whilst having lots of fun!


Contact us now to find out how we can help the children at your school! If you know a school that we could help in the Preston, Leyland or Chorley are then please get in touch –