How one Little Voices superstar went from super-shy to super-confident in just 3 months!

How one Little Voices superstar went from super-shy to super-confident in just 3 months!
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Logan is one of our pupils at Little Voices in Preston, and in just 3 months he went from “No thank you, I
don’t want to be Joseph, there’ll be too many people watching me”, to “Don’t worry mum, I’ve got
His mum, Penelope, went on to tell us: “In 3 short months . . . he has blossomed and become more
confident in himself. He shines now both inside and out, like all of you. We can’t thank you enough for
being his guiding light.”
Logan ’s journey with Little Voices is typical of so many of our pupils, yet it never fails to melt our hearts
when we receive such amazing feedback.
Rachel Bradshaw has been the Principal of Little Voices in Preston, Leyland and Chorley for 6 years now,
and she told us: “I truly believe that Little Voices is something very special.
“It’s a place where memories are made, and friendships blossom and grow.
“Because we limit the numbers in each class, we can very quickly get to know each child inside out –
their strengths and weaknesses, what makes them smile, and what makes them tick.
“Every single child gets the individual attention they need to flourish and shine, and leaves each lesson
having had a happy and positive experience.
“With the best will in the world, that simply isn’t possible in a large class, where children can easily get
lost at the back, or feel a bit invisible.
“At Little Voices, we work incredibly hard to create an environment where children feel safe and happy.
They feel so comfortable that they even love to bring their slippers along – and it makes our hearts soar
when we see them take their shoes off and come running in all excited to see their friends!”
If your child is like Logan, and needs to develop their self-belief, book a free trial lesson so you can
experience the Little Voices effect for yourself.
But a word of warning – once your child starts, they won’t want to leave!

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