Little Voices Preston Tutors

Being a Little Voices Tutor is possibly the BEST job in the WORLD! We get to nurture our pupils and help build their confidence whilst teaching performance skills and valuable like skills.

At Little Voices Preston, our team is dedicated to making your child happy. Through structured and engaging lessons, our pupils make friends, build skills and have fun whilst developing strong bonds with their tutor. This wonderful learning environment ensures no child goes unnoticed and that learning takes place in a safe and secure space.




Rachel is our Little Voices Principal and is incredibly passionate about making learning fun and helping children have the confidence to believe in themselves. After spending more than 22 years in a classroom as a secondary school teacher, Rachel is well aware of the life skills which children need to develop and how important those life skills are for future development. These life skills are taught at LV, through fun engaging lessons and drama games and Rachel can be found in lessons joining in these games, chatting to parents and teaching.




I am extremely passionate about Theatre and have been all my life. I studied Drama and Musical Theatre at a high level for 5 years and have been teaching Drama and Dance for 7 years. I am very enthusiastic about all aspects of performance and teaching and love spreading this love to my pupils. I currently work during the day in a high school in Pastoral Needs so I am very aware of helping and supporting children’s needs, how to make them feel comfortable and how to form a trusting bond quickly. I love watching children feel confident, helping them to come out of their shell and have fun at the same time and I look forward to doing this with all of the children I will teach at Little Voices.



I’ve recently graduated from Drama school and I have experience teaching drama and singing to various ages. I love teaching and seeing the growth of every student week to week. My classes will be a safe space for the children to have fun, build confidence and explore their incredible imaginations. I’m so excited to be joining the Little Voices Chorley team and getting to know all of the children!




Niki has worked for Little Voices Head Office dealing with enquiries and logistics and also as a tutor for some time. She is Little Voices through and through and is passionate about the brand and what it stands for, helping children of all ages grow in confidence and life skills whilst importantly having fun. Niki is super organised and ensures her lessons are always well planned. She had to take a break from working with us for a while due to the demands of her day job, but we are so glad that Niki is back with us again and helping our pupils flourish and shine!




Meet Stacey, she has a passion for entertainment! Stacey spent many years singing in a band, performing at various venues across the UK. She’s always loved singing and now does solo work locally Among her recent accomplishments, Stacey performed in the production of Grease at the prestigious Winter Gardens in Blackpool. She’s also been involved in several other productions including The Sound Of Music and Camelot.

Over the past decade, she’s worked on some of the biggest stations in the radio industry, reporting on breaking news and presenting. Stacey can’t wait to start at Little Voices to help nurture local budding talent.




Emily is our Teaching Assistant and also ‘Meet and Greet’ at our Balshaws, Leyland venue. That means her role is to help out in lessons, answer any parental questions and generally be an extra pair of hands in our lessons! She is fabulous, our pupils love her and we are lucky to have her! Emily loves performing and when she is not in our lessons she is working hard at school with a dream to be a performer when she is older.




Chloe will be working at all of our Workshops and Theatre Weeks for the next academic year. She is a trainee teacher who has been performing for as long as she can remember! Chloe has a passion for all things theatre and loves nothing more than using theatre to help children grow in confidence and self-esteem whilst discovering a new performance and life skill along the way. Chloe has plenty of experience both on stage and off and she still performs in lots of musicals all over the north west! We are so excited that Chloe will be working at Little Voices