Review: My son thoroughly enjoyed it at Clitheroe


My son, 6, has been attending Little Voices in Clitheroe for one year now, and has also taken part in theatre week this summer. He had no previous experience in singing or drama. He has thoroughly enjoyed it! His favourite part was learning songs from musicals like Jungle Book, The Lion Kind and Mary Poppins. The instructors have all been great – engaging, fun, and genuinely concerned about the children’s development and welfare. They make sure that every single child in the group is included in the activities and feels good about what they have accomplished during the week. At the same time they reward special achievements with their coveted ‘Star of the Week’ stickers! My son even took part in the exam, where he recited a poem he had memorized, and spoke about his teddy, in front of a complete stranger – this is definitely something I could not have done at his age!! As a parent, I can highly recommend Little Voices Clitheroe for any child who already enjoys singing and performing, but especially for children who are a bit shy and need that extra boost of confidence in a familiar and fun environment.